Business Partners

Working Together to Prevent Corruption

At 3M our Business Partners can rely on 3M to act with integrity and in compliance with all laws.  3M expects our Business Partners, including customers, suppliers, or any other entity or person involved in a contract or transaction with 3M, to act in the same manner.  As a participant in the United Nations Global Compact, 3M expressly prohibits corruption and bribery in all of it forms.

3M believes that to develop strong and sustainable relationships, it is important that our Business Partners understand our commitment to doing business ethically and in compliance with the law. 

3M takes specific steps to work with Business Partners that are committed to these principles and complying with all laws.  To help facilitate and understand 3M’s compliance expectations, we provide the following information and tools:

  1. 3M Business Partner Expectations Brochure; and
  2. Online compliance course on anti-bribery.

Instructions about accessing the brochure and online training is provided below.