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  2. CFO Nick Gangestad Connects with St. Paul Interns
  • CFO Nick Gangestad Connects with St. Paul Interns

    julio 19, 2016
    3M CFO Nick Gangestad.
    • 3M CFO Nick Gangestad with 3M Finance undergraduate and MBA interns based in St. Paul.

      By Nick Gangestad, 3M Chief Financial Officer

      My wife, Ingrid, and I recently hosted a casual dinner at our home for this year’s St. Paul-based undergraduate and MBA interns with 3M Finance. I am impressed by the caliber of talent and the new ideas that this group brings to 3M this summer.

      It was great to hear how they’ve taken advantage of the personal development opportunities we offer in 3M Finance, like our intern boot camp, buddy program, plant tours, and other networking opportunities.

      As a former 3M intern myself, I look forward to seeing the impact their projects will have, not only on 3M Finance, but on the greater company.