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  2. Making an Impression: Ambassador Visits 3M Korea
  • Making an Impression: Ambassador Visits 3M Korea

    febrero 16, 2016







    • 3M Korea employees talk with Mark Lippert about how 3M has contributed to South Korea’s industrial sector.

      By Jungsuk Kim, Business Development and Marketing-Sales Leader, 3M Korea

      I don’t typically have the luxury of hobnobbing with dignitaries at the workplace – until recently.

      My 3M Korea colleagues and I had the honor of hosting Mark Lippert, United States Ambassador to South Korea, at our Innovation Center in Dongtan, Hwaseong, South Korea. What a thrill to host a person in a position of such significance in our country.

      We were prepared to show Ambassador Lippert our contribution to the local community and brief him on 3M Korea’s performance as an exemplary U.S.-based company, providing market-leading products, creating job opportunities and furthering the innovation culture here. We illustrated to him how we apply 3M science and technology to solutions that improve the lives of people around the globe.

      During our time together, we talked about how much 3M has been contributing to South Korea’s industrial sector. We had a great conversation about the extent of our collaboration with the global leaders in the electronic and automotive sectors. Our brightness enhancement films for LCD displays, our defense-related products and our medical devices seemed to pique his interest as well.

      The story we were proudest to tell was one of foresight: 3M invested in Korea almost 40 years ago and today offers an incredibly diverse array of technologies and product solutions.

      We are grateful to have had the opportunity to share 3M with the Ambassador. What a privilege for 3M Korea employees to be recognized by Ambassador Lippert for their efforts and dedication to making 3M Korea the leading example of U.S.-based companies here.